Friday, April 17, 2009

Would this be Called Row or Sain?

Apparently Colorado is having an identity crisis in the weather department.

It rained ALL DAY yesterday.

And today it's half raining and half snowing... so basically buckets of slush are pouring from the sky.

I don't mind the precipitation or the cold... I've lived in Colorado my whole life, so I'm used to it snowing well through the spring.

But this is NOT normal Colorado snow. It's heavy. And soggy. And squishy. It's just bizarre. And we don't get whole days of rain. It's just not our style...

But, again, I don't really mind.

(This is probably because I am unemployed and therefore don't have to go anywhere in this weather... if I were at an office right now, I would probably be pissed.)

Mike, on the other hand, does NOT like this weather.

It makes him Mr. Cranky-Pants.

(At least I'm blaming the weather... he might actually be Mr. Cranky-Pants because of something I did, but I refuse to believe that I could induce crankiness, so I shall blame the weather.)

One big reason for his mood is probably because he can't ride his new bike...

He got a super-sexy road bike. It's all black and shiny (which I really appreciate because he keeps his bike next to the front door in the house and the new bike looks much better with our decor... and that's really all that matters...) and it looks awesome.

Plus, his last bike is failing apart at the seams, so it's safer.

(Which also matters to me... pretty and safe: check.)

We're trying to come up with a name for his bike (because that's what our people do).

My beautiful bike is named Miranda, and she is adorable.

His is NOT an adorable bike. It is manly and sexy and sleek and belongs in some kind of commercial for hair gel or deodorant (not really sure why... but that's just what I picture...).

So we're thinking a sexy foreign manly name. The best we've come up with is Sven... but we're still thinking about it.

This is very important stuff...

(I lead a very busy and exciting life.)

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