Thursday, March 5, 2009

This Just in! No Doubt Cures Herpes...

Somebody should HIRE ME.

Seriously, here's my LinkedIn Profile.

So, here's the best song No Doubt has ever written. I didn't mention it in my post last night because I am an idiot... or I just forgot... or... whatever.


(And hire me!)

(After watching the whole video and listening to the whole song I feel AWESOME! See? I meant what I said about No Doubt being the perfect cure for... EVERYTHING! In fact, I would bet my non-existent paycheck that they could cure such terrible plagues as chlamydia, restless leg syndrome, and Beer Pong Herpes.)

(You MUST watch this video... it's sort of like a public service announcement that makes you pee your pants and choke on your own spit...)