Saturday, February 28, 2009

Random Tidbits: Because I Share...

A List of Things From this Week that Don't Count as Blog Posts on Their Own but Together Make This List:

1) Mike and I went to a digital media performance last night. (What does that include? Loud music and videos that would kill an epileptic dog:

... it was sort of awesome... mostly...) The biggest thing that I learned: I am SO not "art-nerd-chic" enough to fit in at these events. Mike has his arty slash nerdy slash chicy glasses and I? Have nothing. Even with my terrorist scarf, I am not nearly cool enough.

2) Both of my parents are now on Facebook. How do I feel about this? Honestly, it doesn't really bother me. Why? Because they're not crazy stalker parents. They actually joined because they have their OWN friends on Facebook, and, you know, not to keep tabs on me and my brother. (Though I warned them that if they call me every time I make an overly emotional status update to ask what's wrong... we'll have a problem.)

3) I got TweetDeck and it's been downhill ever since. TweetDeck is an application that downloads to your desktop/dock and lets you read all of your tweets as they come in. Each time a new group of tweets comes up, it chirps like an electronic bird and I get all "a-twitter" (hahahaha!) because I can see what's new in the Twitter Universe. Unfortunately, I now have the Twitter chirp permanently stuck in my head at all hours and I get strangely excited (not erotically... just to clear that up) when I hear a real bird make noise... awk-ward.

4) We tried to go see Coraline yesterday but the projector broke. So instead we got to sit through 10 minutes of pre-preview previews with Miley Cyrus talking about how her new Hannah Montana movie "is unlike ANYTHING you have EVER seen on the big screen" before management gave us free passes for another time. I am, like, so excited to save the rain check passes that management gave us (because THEY SUCK AT PROJECTOR REPAIR) to use for this awesome feat of cinematic (and musical) mastery.

5) Dinner on LOST night was AWESOME. You may call me? The Martha Stewart of Taco Bars, thankyouverymuch.