Saturday, January 10, 2009

UPDATE: Compromise

For this to make sense... read this first.

As I left the ice cream shop, I caved and asked for a sample of the Pumpkin Fudge Swirl.

And you know what... I'm glad I was able to resist.

It really wasn't that good.

It wasn't worth it.

Oh yeah... you should know.



That taste was the best thing ever. It was amazing.


I had to duck and run out of the building before I asked for a pint to eat in the car.

I know I sound crazy. Out of control. Completely over the top.

Well, you know what?

Come to Boulder, taste that ice cream, and then call me crazy.

In other words: don't knock it 'till you try it.


I'm sitting in a coffee shop / ice cream emporium and I'm trying not to eat ice cream.

I actually used to work here.

Sometimes I liked it. Sometimes I hated it.

All in all it was a lot like every job out there.

I said that I quit because I didn't like management and because I was getting dicked over by not being promoted and therefore given a much deserved raise... but another huge reason that I left was because I was gaining about 2 pounds a week.

(And I seemed to be the only one who was gaining weight. Seriously. ALL of the girls who worked with me looked like Barbie with Bulimia. It SUCKED.)

(Oh my Brad... some guy just ordered a Waffle Cone (homemade) with Carmel Oreo and Carmel Brownie Blast... My whole mouth just filled with saliva... (over the thought of the ice cream... not the dude... just thought I'd clarify).)

And so I decided (with much encouragement from my mother) to not work at this place anymore.

But I've been coming here a lot because it's usually empty during the day, there's free wifi, and plenty of tables so that I don't have to share my personal space with a hippie taking espresso shots and reading Marx.

(Which happens in other, smaller coffee shops all of the time.)


But, you would think that I should just leave. Go home. Remove myself from the Banana Carmel Crunch (my personal fave), the Mint Oreo, and the (new!) Pumpkin Fudge Swirl.

But alas, here I am... living vicariously through the wave of customers that have just entered.

(No! Don't get the lemon gelato! Butterfinger is the way to go!)

(A CAKE cone?? What are you? Five? Oh wait... you are five. Never mind...)

I tried to distract myself by reading my current book, Special Topics in Calamity Physics by Marisha Pessl.

(It's a novel... not a textbook. When Mike got it for me last Christmas I thought he had given me a non-fiction book about physics and I was about to yell at him for "not knowing me at all!"... but it's a novel... so he does know me.)

This is one of those books, though, that takes an amazing amount of actual thought.

I'm a real big fan of reading books that you can just sort of fall into. Books that you don't have to try too hard with.

(Enter The Twilight Saga)

But Pessl has written a book that just screams that she is WAY smarter than me.

Lots of references to books I've never read/heard of and movies I've never seen/heard of.

Don't get me wrong. I like it a lot. It's just a little slow... and long (500 plus pages)... and it's really not doing the trick in distracting me from a scoop of Birthday Cake ice cream.

(It tastes like frosting!!)

And so I took Edward out and am now trying to distract myself by rambling about ice cream flavors (Junior Mint!) and smart people.

(And I am now trying not to hate these three girls behind me who "just can't take another bite of this Death By Chocolate!" HATE!!)

(OK... maybe I should just leave... before I do something that I'll regret...)