Tuesday, May 27, 2008

NASA and JELLO Should Sponser the Bolder Boulder

I am so sore.

Like I can't move and it took all of my energy to unload the dishwasher.

I know. It's kind of pathetic that I'm so sore after the Bolder Boulder, but I actually tried to jog part of it. I never go much faster than a stroll, so it was quite an accomplishment for me.

It may not be an accomplishment for others, like runners or those girls who leap frog the whole 10K or that girl who hopped it all on a pogo-stick, but it is for me.

And I learned one thing:

The street is really, really hard. Like shooting pains up my shins and legs with every stride. My whole body is feeling the pain of pounding on the hard street. It hurts to breath. It hurts to squint... ok, that's not from the BB. My eyes are all dry and still a little swollen from the makeup remover from hell. But I believe that it is exasperated because of the BB.

Anyway, I think that the city should consider doing the BB on some sort of rubber material next year. You know, like that mattress stuff invented by NASA (by the way, what guy at NASA got that assignment?? Was he proud... or depressed that his dreams of flying to the moon were crushed by a... mattress?). OR old tire stuff that they use on playgrounds...

That would be much better.


Again... pathetic.

I spent all day lying on the couch, watching crappy TV and DVDs. I guess I really needed a day to relax after my vacation... which seems weird... but understandable, given my weekend.

I don't know what to write... as I'm sure you can tell.

Bonnie is currently freaking out. Whining and barking. That could mean that there is a dog at the fence, or a murderer in the backyard... or maybe that old guy who walks down Aurora with no shoes on and his hair in a ponytail while carrying a duffel bag with a six-pack of Keystone Lite (I assume)... or it's nothing.

Hannah's not barking, which means it's probably nothing. If she were barking, I wouldn't be typing as much as calling 911... or Mike, at least.

Hannah is my security system. Bonnie is the security system that goes off at odd hours and for no known reason.

Bonnie is completely paranoid... I think it's the fact that her tail was chopped off. Does she remember? Is that why she has such a fascination with her bootylicious behind?

Will we ever really know?

Well, of course not... because Bonnie is... well, a doggie. Duh.