Thursday, January 8, 2009

Apocalypse Boulder

SO... apparently this town is completely falling apart.

There are still hurricane winds.

There was a freakin WILDFIRE in North Boulder!

(No worries... Ally B and all of her affiliates are safe and sound... here's a super cool picture by Mikey.)

And now, there is a fender bender in front of my driveway.

Seriously... What the hell??

The fender bender isn't a huge deal, except that it's blocking my car. I was going to go to the gym, but I've taken the car crash as a sign to "just say no".

I mean, I could just slip by, but I'd have to slip by two cops and a tow truck.

(And it's probably NOT the best idea to ask the police officer to "get outta my way and off my property"... just a hunch.)

Plus, Bonnie is very upset that there are people near her backyard, and therefore is telling them off every few minutes. I would hate to leave and then have to go bail her out when they arrest her for disturbing the peace or aggravated assault. She has little respect for the law, or "the man"... especially when they are near her backyard.

And so, something is going on here. The wind needs to stop. The fire needs to be put out. And these idiots need to learn how to drive.

And I should probably go to the gym... it looks like the car is on the tow truck, the cops will probably leave soon, and Bonnie will go back to barking at some cat that has been tormenting her for the past few days.

OR I could hunker down, gather canned goods, and wait for the next disaster to befall this crazy city.