Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Saga Continues...

*Disclaimer: This is not an "extra extra, read all about it" post. It's pretty much just blubber. You know... fatty filler. But I feel the need to post... to keep the habit up, you know?*

Well, the ROCK OF GOD completely dominated Bonnie today. She went for it, and it bucked her off. She was literally thrown off.

God entered his rock and said, "Bonnie, thou shalt not jump on this rock today, hence I shalt throw thou offeth." (That's my best god impression... I know, I should be on television, or at least radio.)

Poor Bonnie, she had no chance.

The ROCK OF GOD hath had its revenge.

Hannah, on the other hand, was able to totally kick the rock's ass. She climbed up on it like it was nothing.

She sat there for awhile and pranced around like she was the coolest dog since... Snoopy?

No, Lassie. Definitely thought she was cooler than Lassie.

Then Bonnie was ashamed of herself.

It was a very sad day for Miss Bonnie and the ROCK OF GOD.

In other news...

Wait, nothing happened today. No news. None at all.

I worked all day, and then came home and walked the dogs (to the aforementioned ROCK OF GOD) and then came home and cleaned.

See... nothing happened. But as all of you, my loyal fans, come here everyday and expect something new and exciting, I have tried to deliver. Alas, I have failed.

Why don't we use that word more: Alas. It's a cool word.


I have nothing else to say about that either.


Hannah > Lassie
Bonnie = ROCK OF GOD
Me < Entertaining