Thursday, March 20, 2008

All About Ally B

My Philosophy:

Sometimes you just have to look at the more mundane things in life... and sometimes you just have to laugh out loud... and sometimes you just have to be a little bit (OK... a-lot-o-bit) bitchy... and sometimes you just have to blog about it...

Who is Ally B?

Well, for starters:

I am from Boulder, Colorado... so I rule.

I graduated from CU Boulder in May of 2008.

I have two AMAZING (slash naughty) dogs.

I have an AMAZING (slash naughty) boyfriend who I have been since 2002.

I look at the world through a "how can I make this offensive/sarcastic/funny?" lens.

My middle name is the letter "B"... no period... hence the "Ally B" in "Ally B Speakin"

I want to write (SO HIRE ME).

My Warning:

Although I love to have people READ my stuff... I write for me. I write to practice. I write to be "creative". I write to "find my voice" (and yes, my "voice" like to cuss...). So, if you enjoy what you read here, THANK YOU! If you don't... there are TONS of blogs out there, and I suggest you find one that suits you better. (Please see my blogroll for some awesome suggestions.)

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