Saturday, May 17, 2008

How Far Would YOU Walk for a Booger Thing?

I took Hannah to the Dog Park today so that she could play in the (really gross) pond there. She attempted to spend the whole time in between my legs, but was drawn out into the water by ample amounts of tennis balls.

She even tried to get two balls in her mouth at a time while she was in the middle of the lake, but ended up just getting one ball and a couple of lung-fulls of yucky pond water.

The other dogs would bully her, because she is that kid on the playground who just screams wuss. She would be swimming back from the center of the pond with her ball and some Rottweiler or Poodle or Schnauzer would stare her down, causing her little eyebrows to go into a worried arch and prompting her to drop her hard earned ball at their feet. They would take the ball, and run away, leaving me with having to wade in and get another filthy ball to throw for her.
The water was gross...
She smells bad now...
So do I.

I then decided that I wanted a Boba Tea. Boba Tea is milk tea with little balls of tapioca stuff at the bottom. It comes in millions of flavors. I like the more traditional (and yummy) chocolate or vanilla bean. There are also a lot of fruit flavors, like watermelon, mango, and cherry. There are also more obscure flavors, like jasmine, rose, starfruit, and I even saw the flavor "smoke".

I know... what kind of freak drinks smoke flavored tea? And is it like a fire smoke flavor, or smoky BBQ flavor, or a flavor from the cigarette variety?

Anywho, it usually comes as an iced milk tea, but today I got a frozen one. The tapioca balls are incredibly disgusting and gross me out (they have the consistency of a booger), but I am completely entranced with them. I hate them, but I love them. They are just plain interesting, creating a party in my mouth (much like my famous toothbrush). You get this wide mouth straw so the boba can come up with the liquid. Again, gross, but awesome.

Well, Boba Tea, especially a chocolate flavored frozen one, is not exactly Weight Watchers approved, so I decided that if I wanted it, I had to earn it. So I put on my headphones, started a playlist, got my floppy sun hat (that makes me look like an old Jew from Florida... sorry... first image I got), and hit the road.

The boba place is on The Hill, which is about 1.8 miles one way (I Google mapped it). So, I decided that making the trip on foot was well worth a Boba treat. I also decided to bring my book, which is almost 700 pages, and I think that counts as some sort of weight lifting.

It was very nice walking up there. I probably should not have worn flip flops, as my right foot is spontaneously falling asleep now, but all was good. It's fun to be on campus when it is empty.

Of course, the university takes this time to spray poison all over the lawns, so I couldn't lie in the grass... or frolic while singing Sound of Music at the top of my lungs...

Oh well.

I read a little, and cooled down in the UMC fountain. There are a lot of people who come over the summer to check out the place with their prospective students. I wonder if they look at me with my Boba Tea and old lady hat and say: "This looks like a great place to send Jimmy".

Or if they see me and think: "Damn hippie, avert your eyes Jimmy".

Now that's something to ponder...