Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sharing the Love

I read/love/envy/obsess over the following:


A Life in Translation @jamievaron

A Southern Fairytale @sthrnfairytale

Adventures in Babywearing @babysteph

All & Sundry @Sundry

Ashalah @ashalahblogs

Attack of the Redneck Mommy @redneckmommy

Blessed Treehouse @alihooper

Caligater @caligater

Capuchio Designs

Chelsea Talks Smack @ChelsTalksSmack

Cynical Nymph

Doniree @doniree

Ex Hot Girl @ExHotGirl

FaintStarLite @FaintStarLite

Good Mom / Bad Mom

Gwen Bell: Big Love in a Small World @gwenbell

Her Bad Mother @herbadmother

Jennsylvania @altgeldsgrugged

Life Without Pants: Perspective On Life Less Restricted

mark's feelings diary? @Marrrrrrk

moosh in indy @mooshinindy

More is Better @nicoleisbetter

Motherhood Uncensored @mublogger

Mr. 5280 @Mr5280

Mrs. FussyPants @alliworthington

No Sense of Time @GeorgeGSmithJr

Okay, Fine, Dammit

Pleasure Notes @emmajames

rhymes with milk @rhymeswithmilk

Rochelle's Blog ::: Subtitles Included @rochellescott

scottlawan @herolawan

Secret Agent Mama @secretagentmama

Small Hands, Big Ideas @gracekboyle

Stratejoy: Conquer Your Quarterlife Crisis

Tall Tara

The Bloggess @thebloggess

The Bloggess: Ask the Bloggess on PNN

The Bloggess on SexIs

The Demoiselles @TheDemoiselles

The Run-a-Muck @amberrunsamuck

The Spohrs Are Multiplying @mamaspohr

The Stiletto Mom @thestilettomom

To Think Is To Create @ToThink

tout-est-des-roses @sarasophia

Toy With Me @toywithme

Velveteen Mind

Violence UnSilenced

Whiskey in my Sippy Cup

World's Strongest Librarian

your wishcake. @yourwishcake

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