Saturday, August 16, 2008

Rain: A Love/Hate Relationship

I love rainy days.

Granted, these sorts of days do have the tendency to make me even more lazy and even less productive than before.

Actually, scratch that. I'm always lazy and rarely productive. Rainy days just give me the feeling that it's OK to be lazy and unproductive because it's so dreary out. Even if it were sunny outside, I'd probably still be sitting here at noon in my pajamas with the doggies watching crappy TV.

But since it's all rainy out, I don't feel guilty about doing it.

Now, yesterday it was all rainy and stuff... but it was Friday. And I have to go out into the world and go into work on Friday. So on days when I have to leave the house... rain sucks.

Also, tomorrow I'm going to a concert at Red Rocks. If it's still raining then, I'll really hate it.

So I guess the rain is a conditional thing. Great for Saturdays when you have nothing you need to do. Crappy when you actually have to be a functioning member of society and/or your life.

I've been scanning a lot. My focus at work is to scan all of the hard copy files that we have in my department so that we can move the 4,000 files off site.

And this week I worked 4 ten hour days... so that's ten straight hours of scanning.

I know what you're thinking:

Ally, how do you get to do such amazing, life altering, fun things?

The answer: god loves me.

So I sit at my desk and scan documents one at a time until I want to kill myself. Sometimes my scanner also wants to kill itself.

At a certain point, it tries to fight back.

I'll stick a document in it, and it will literally choke itself on copies of licenses and insurance policies. It makes this terrible noise that sounds like a dog coughing up a week old rawhide.

And just like a dog, I have to reach in a fish out the offensive piece of rubbish that has caused the near death experience.

How rude am I? I have called my scanner "it" the entire time. It's a she, her name is Samantha, and Samantha is a bitch.