Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Heckled becomes the Heckler

The last few days have been a complete blur... I don't really want to go into super detail about all of it, but I'll do a recap.

Thursday was the day of my ceremony. I was super nervous before I got there, but it was alright. We only had 16 undergrads, so it was nice and small. Amazingly, though, I didn't know/recognize a good half of the women in my Senior class. I know... pathetic.

The other thing that was pathetic was that I was informed that I am the only one who was a single major in Women and Gender Studies. Everyone else is a double major... and able to do it in 4 years. I was also one of a handful who didn't get a cord or sash or cool scarf to wear.

Oh well... moving on with my life.

The ceremony was beautiful. Mike sums it up well. I had to be the first to walk in line. I hate being first. What if I trip and then the next person falls on me and then the next until we are just a pile of graduating feminists in our caps and gowns crushed to the sound of African drummers... I made it, though. But my ENTIRE family was waiting outside. "Oh crap" were the words I muttered, if I remember correctly. It was fine, until someone (I will name no names) yelled "Nice hat, Ally!" The women behind me we shocked, and I am now known as "the girl with the family that heckles her".

It's a lovely legacy... really.

The professor who gave me my diploma book gave me a hug. It was very sweet, but I don't know who the hell the crazy bastard was.

The woman who sounds like the priest from The Princess Bride spoke for a long time and I guess my brother and dad cracked up. That is why I love them. I'm sorry... wuv them.

After dinner we went to Rincon Del Sol. I tried to get the Kohn Zone and the Carrillo Clan to mesh and interact... but that didn't work too well. They pretty much split, except for Mike, Dustin and Dave, but that was more of a fluke. Thanks guys...

I decided that it was my graduation, and I always wanted one of the fish bowl sized margaritas. So I ordered a 32 oz frozen mango margarita.

I got down about 30 oz of it.

I almost threw up. I didn't though... I did lie on the floor of my house talking to the doggies... but I don't need margaritas to do that.

Neither do Mike or Dave, for that matter.

We then had Mark, Gordon, my cousin Derek, and Scott over and watched LOST. I was drunk... but it was still fun and exciting.

Friday we spent the afternoon on Pearl Street, then went to party at the Big House. It was a ton of fun. People were very nice and excited, and the magician was AMAZING (actually, his name is the Amazing Lamont, so I expected nothing less). After he performed, I had lots of people tell me that they thought that he would be totally lame, but really enjoyed him...

Have we EVER put on a bad party? Seriously people.

My little cousin, Hayden, who is 3 (4?) was so freaking cute. He sat at the table and kept holding his hands up and slapping his cheeks Home Alone style. When Lamont messed up a trick, I said that it was all my fault. Hayden informed me that I did indeed mess it up, and that I could not have any cake. Way to make a gal feel worse, kid.

Today Mike's family had us all over for an indoor BBQ. The girls got to come and were so happy to play in the backyard and get some attention and eat ice cubes from the cooler. Cutest picture is located here. I am very grateful to Mike's family for hosting my whole crazy family, on top of their whole crazy family... they must be crazy themselves.

Tonight we went to Grammy's to play a game. We didn't play one, though, but it was nice to hang out for a while.

Favorite thing that happened:
Mike was explaining how hard it is to eat cheese and crackers: "You try and spread the cheese, but the cracker keeps crackin." He didn't even realize it was funny... which makes him all that much cuter.