Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fit or Fail: Non-Denominational Edition

I posted a status update on Facebook about me having to stay away from Cadbury Creme Eggs (because me being around those little ovals of amazingness could only result in a FAIL), and someone reminded me that it's still Passover, and I had to remind him that I'm pretty sure Cadbury Creme Eggs are non-denominational...

ANYWAY... Fit or Fail?

No huge FAILs this week (I could have drank more water and eaten less food on some days... but nothing too exciting or horrible...)

But I did do a couple of FIT things (on top of my regular workout schedule).

FIT: I walked to campus (almost) everyday for the Conference on World Affairs.

It brought back so many memories... me as a student... waking up early... to take the bus up to campus... because walking there SUCKS.

It's all up-hill.

And up-hill + 5400 feet above sea level + my very serious tiny-lung syndrome = lots of sweat and wheezing... but I did it!

FIT: I rode my bike up to campus! Actually, that's not really true. I tried to ride my bike up to campus but the tires were flat... so I had to walk my bike up to campus (still FIT).

I still wore my helmet though (safety first!) because me around bikes pretty much means danger.

(I would actually prefer to wear a helmet for most activities... but the people at the gym said I was "making a scene" when I insisted on wearing my helmet on the stationary bike... and the elliptical... and the "vagina destroyer"...)

Anyway, it's a FIT because I could have just driven it up there, but I didn't!

FIT: We moved all of our living room furniture. And even though Mike supported more of the weight on the big items, I still get a FIT for participating.

(By the way, when you say "lift with your legs", I have no clue what you're saying to me. I mean, I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure my ARMS are lifting the television... NOT my legs. I would guess that lying on the ground to use my legs to lift the couch would be a bad idea... This is probably why I was told to carry the couch cushions instead of the actual couch...)

Otherwise, I just continued to eat as well as possible and work out a few days a week. Overall it was a FIT week...

(In fact, there are VERY few red FAILs here... it's a little bland... where are my damn Cadbury Creme Eggs?)