Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ally B, Please Pack Your Knives and Go...

So it is Wednesday!

What does that mean?

(Other than the fact that it's the middle of the week and I have done NOTHING.)

It's LOST night! WOOHOO!!

So, Mike and I open our humble (slash dirty and duct-tape covered) home to some fellow LOST lovers and spend quite a few hours watching and dissecting every single scene of the most awesome show on television.

(Is Ben a good guy? Or just a sneaky little elf man?)

A few weeks ago we decided that each week one of the four of us will cook dinner for the whole gang.

The first week: Mark made Kung Pao Tofu with rice. And it was? AMAZING!

The second week: Mike made veggie lasagna. INCREDIBLE! (Seriously, I made them stop eating it so that I could save some for my dinner the following night... and then I told Mike that my tummy was sad that he didn't make more.)

And last week: Gordon (the only loser with no blog... though we're LOST freaks, so I guess we're ALL losers) made stuffed bell peppers. DELICIOUS.

SO... tonight it's my night to cook for these guys and I've got a lot to compete against. I'm a tiny bit nervous that they're just going to nod and smile but secretly will be thinking that I'm not allowed to participate in these LOST meals anymore.

My first idea was to just order pizza... but that's cheating.

My next idea was to make a "build your own peanut butter and jelly sandwich" bar (I would provide BOTH creamy and chunky, because I care)... but that was vetoed pretty fast.

So I decided to stick with the "make your own" idea, but I jazzed it up a bit by making it a "make your own taco" bar.

I have TWO types of tortillas.

Lettuce and tomatoes.

Onions and cilantro.

And corn with black beans and peppers.

(Made from scratch.)

(Lie. I am a liar. I found that last one in the frozen section... shut up and don't tell the boys.)

I'm even making Spanish rice (which could be delicious or burned... we'll see).

And I'm making a huge batch of guacamole.

(I HAVE to make a huge batch because I eat guacamole by the spoonful and I THINK it's kind of Bad Hostessing 101 to eat all of the dip.)

So look out world... I am awesome.

Oh, and we've been watching the Top Chef marathon all day so I'm really excited to walk around pointing at all of the ingredients saying things like, "And here we have a bag of cheese and some shredded iceberg lettuce, all with a lovely sauce of off-brand salsa out of the jar... and even though the corn is cold, it is NOT because it's frozen... and yes, I actually grew that cilantro myself."

All in a European accent, a la Fabio.