Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Just a few housekeeping notes for Ally B Speakin...

First, there is a new section on the sidebar (→) called "Important Info".

If you are so inclined, there are now super-cool links there such as an about Ally B section (everything you ever wanted to know about me and my blog... except not really... I get bored fast), my list of my most favoritist blogs (Mom, this is called a "blogroll"), AND a post with tips about reading/using blogs.

(My mom has been calling me with questions like "How do you comment?" and "What is a Twitter" and "I think my computer is being monitored because every time you refer to 'god' it comes out 'Brad'"... so SOME of these questions are answered in the "New to Blogs?" post that you can click on in the "Important Info" section...)

(I just filled her in on the Brad Pitt=god thing over the phone... she was glad to hear that her computer is NOT being fucked with...)

(She's a very smart lady... really.)

So I hope that you find it useful/interesting.

Other than that, Mike is participating in March-Stache, which means he is growing a mustache for the month of March. Apparently, it's actually a real thing that is done to raise money for cancer research in Taiwan...

Mike, however, is not growing his March-Stache to help better the world (in fact, when I told him it was for charity he said, "Woohoo! I'm getting paid for this?"... so yeah...). Mike is growing it because... well, just because.

(I think it's to prove his manliness since he, you know, CAN grow a mustache...)

(Couldn't he just build something useful?)

It is going to be a VERY long month.

Pray to Brad for me...

(Did I type that? Or was is The Feds?)