Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Nothing Special

I'm eating a donut. I know that I shouldn't eat it... but I am.

It calls to me.

Ok, that was depressing... so I just threw the half-eaten donut away.

I need a new job.

A woman just came over and asked me to scan something for her, because I have the only working scanner in the company.

I said no problem.

Looked in the file... and she had already scanned it!

She did it and forgot.

I scan a million things a day... and I've never tried to re-scan something because I forgot that I did it.

You know, I should have known that today wouldn't be very good...
A fly flew into my mouth this morning while I was asleep.
Yep, I woke up with an effin fly in my mouth.
I feel like this is now my destiny.
I have nothing to write... I just felt like I should write something.