Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I am Still Alive

I know, I've been missing from this blog for awhile.

But you know what? It's because I'm lazy busy.

I have a job (wootwoot!) with an awesome online company called Zwaggle, which is done entirely on the internet. Therefore, when I'm done for the day, typing on a blog is not at the top of my list of things to do.

(Y'all should totally check out Especially if you love me have children in your life... We're also on Twitter and Facebook, so check it out - if for no other reason than because I manage them.)


I also haven't really had that much to say. I made a deal with myself that I would *try* not to put total crap up anymore (seriously, some of my old posts make me cringe), so I only post when I have something interesting, weird, or hilarious to write about.

And nothing that interesting, weird, or hilarious has really happened lately.

I mean... I have a bug bite the size of a decent sized strawberry on my ankle that has caused me to abstain from wearing shoes that have a back on them because my foot won't fit.

And I got an iPhone... but my vocabulary regarding it has been mostly squeals of delight and drooling over its awesomeness... plus, after saying "HELL YES SUCKAS" about two dozen times, I ran out of things to say about it.

(It's great, by the way, and I'm sure I'll write a full post about it soon... after the drooling stops.)

And I went to a child's birthday party where my 2 year old cousin made me feel bad about myself because I couldn't touch my nose with my tongue.

See? Nothing really worthy of a longer blog post. SO...

I started a Tumblr blog to post little tidbits on.

This is where I'm posting those little things that I want to tell the world (like how I have to pee in coffee shops, like, 15 times in an hour... you know, important stuff) that just don't warrant a long blog post.

(Plus, there's an App for Tumblr so I can post anywhere... which is helpful.)

Therefore, if you need some more frequent Ally B Speakin fixes, visit I post there more often, sometimes with pictures from Regina (that's my iPhone's name... duh...).

I also sometimes post on Zwaggle's blog, so be sure to check that out.

(Though I can't cuss or talk about peeing on there quite as much... but it's still fun...)

(PS: If any of you bloggers out there would be interested in writing a blog post about how awesome Zwaggle is, contact me at ally [at] zwaggle [dot] com!)

(PPS: If you're not a blogger, but still want to write about how awesome Zwaggle is... get a blog... or some spray paint and a blank wall...)

(PPPS: Or just tell your friends.)

(PPPPS: And strangers...)