Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fun Run

What is up with people who run for exercise... or worse... for fun?

If I'm running, you better be sure that someone is chasing me.

Actually, scratch that.

Here are several reasons why I would ever be seen running (note, none of these reasons include "for fun"):

  • Mike started the car and is driving away without me.
  • I dropped Bonnie's leash and she is now chasing a toddler on a Spider-Man bike.
  • Hannah is chasing after a lit firecracker (true story).
  • The ice-cream truck just turned the corner.
  • That shoe sale ends in 5 minutes.
  • I have a bet that I will clock-in before 9 AM every morning this week, and I just locked my car doors... and it's 8:59.
  • I forgot to set the TIVO for America's Next Top Model and it starts in 2 minutes.
  • I just saw someone I hate at SuperTarget.
  • My shoes hurt so badly that running will get me to a seat faster.
  • Something is burning.
  • Someone really is chasing me... and by someone, I probably mean Bonnie...
  • Something is about to start burning.
  • I'm going from my bedroom to the shower... naked... and all of the blinds are up...
And the number one thing that I will always be running from:
  • Responsibility.