Friday, May 22, 2009


I came up with an excellent plan to keep Bonnie from barking.

Each time she barks, one dollar from her allowance goes into a bucket, aptly named "The Bark Bucket".

(It's the same concept as having to put a dollar in a jar every time you cuss... not that I have a problem with that.)

But when I told Bonnie about my plan? She ran outside and barked.

Which is pretty much like giving me the middle finger.


THEN I realized that OF COURSE she wouldn't care because she doesn't get an allowance...

So I thought that I should start giving her an allowance.

But then I remembered that she's a dog...

And she would therefore just spend all of her allowance on treats that taste like bacon.

Which would be irresponsible.

So she's still barking.

But I still labeled a bucket "The Bark Bucket", just in case.