Friday, May 2, 2008

My more interesting conversations of the day

This is the conversation that I had with Mike while I was leaving work.
ME: Hi, honey. I'm coming home.
MIKE: Um... did you see your brother's blog?
ME: No, why.
MIKE: Well... you should look at it.
ME: Why? Is it funny?
MIKE: Well... yeah.
ME: What? Is it bad?
MIKE: No... just surprising. You'll see.

This is the conversation I had when I got home from work.
ME: Hi honey!
MIKE: Hi...
ME: How was your day?
MIKE: Good, yours?
ME: Well, I jus-
MIKE: AJGotHisNipplePierced! (In a high, squeaky voice.)
ME: WHAT?!?!?!
MIKE: AJ got his nipple pierced.

This is the conversation I had with AJ when I promptly pressed number 6 on speed dial:
AJ: Hello.
ME: You-crazy-mother-[freaking]-nipple-pierced-freak!!!
AJ: Yeah, I don't care.

So, needless to say, my brother had an interesting day. Make sure that you read the comments, especially Dad's, and click on the links Mike posts in his comments.

I just worked, but got nothing pierced today. But there is always tomorrow.

I have a final tomorrow afternoon. I prepared in about 5 minutes. The test consists of 3.5 questions (the .5 is a list we have to make) that our professor told us during the last class. It's also open book and open note. I'm also taking it pass/fail. I should just go to that class drunk.

I'm going to go watch Sex and the City DVDs and go to bed. I haven't been to sleep before 1 AM in a few days, and I think that it's catching up to me. See what happens when you don't get enough sleep: your baby brother sticks a steel rod through his titties. Sorry... bosoms.

Besides, I need my rest for my big test tomorrow.