Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I'm too Sexy for my Yard Work

A couple of days ago I was mowing the lawn, because I don't need no stinkin man.

Anywho, I was mowing, and all of these people were staring at me as they drove/walked/skateboarded/biked/ran by. I was wondering why they were staring at me.

And I mean really staring at me. Like, watching me as they pulled up, and then continuing to watch me as they sat at the light, and then still watching me as they turned the corner.

It was weird.

Now, it was pretty obvious to me, as I'm sure it is to you all, why this was happening.

All of these people were drawn to me because of my intense and amazing beauty. My looks must have been calling- no, screaming to these poor, helpless folks.

Especially with sweat dripping down my face and my stained t-shirt and tree branches sticking out of my hair (the tree attacked me while I was trying to mow under it).

Then I thought, "well maybe it's not my beauty".

Then I was thinking that maybe something was wrong with me. Like a big booger or a big rip in the back of my shorts.

I checked... multiple times... and nothing.

Is it because I'm a girl mowing the lawn? Well, that would be stupid.

It must be the beauty.

When I mow the lawn, I have trouble being pretty about it. By this I mean that I have trouble making the lawn all even and nice looking while I do it.

There's always a lot of those silly little long grasses that end up all alone after I do a strip with the mower. Or I mean to do a straight line, and end up with some sort of zig-zag design on the lawn.

In fact, I ended up with a big circle in the middle of the lawn... and no clue how it got there.

It was some sort of crop circle thingy... I blame aliens.