Saturday, March 29, 2008

Wind is the Devil

I decided to take my beautiful bike (Miranda) out today. It's a really pretty day... warm, with a slight breeze. Spring to its fullest. I had to go get stamps, and rather than ride down the block to the grocery store, I decided to go to the post office. I was able to take the Creek path, and pretty much avoid all major roads. I got there, got my stamps, and then got back onto my bike. I thought that I could go to the bank on my bike too. I was on a role (no pun intended).
Then THE WIND began.
That nice, comfortable breeze had turned into a freaking fury of blowing force field that was zoned in right on Miranda and me. I could not move. I pedaled, and pedaled, and huffed and puffed, and that wind threw me around like a freaking plastic bag. I honestly thought that I was going to blow away and end up in Oz or something. At one point, while I was trying to get Miranda and me up a hill, I was pedaling and NOT MOVING!!! I was literally pedaling in place. I swear, the prairie dogs were laughing their little asses off in their wind-resistant holes. I was literally cussing the wind, and my legs, and was starting to have flashes of my life. I considered holing up in an underpass and calling 911: "Hello? I need help. My bike and I are trapped in a tree next to the creek because this freak wind storm has attacked me. Yes, I know it's a beautiful day, but it's a freaking hurricane out here! HELP! The prairie dogs have started to gather... and they look hungry... entertained, but hungry."
So, I threw my bike down. Actually, I gently placed my beloved cruiser down, but a stupid gust caused us to stumble to the ground. I sat there, watching the ducks and geese fight the waves that were forming on the creek, wishing that the wind would STOP STOP STOP!!! Well... it didn't, so after deciding that I WOULD SURVIVE, dammit, I got up, and pedaled my little legs off. It took forever, and I thought I might die, but WE MADE IT. Poor Miranda... a pretty little cruiser like her is NOT made for this!
This means that I burned extra calories... right?
PS: This picture isn't of my dogs... I got it off of google. But that's how I felt... and probably looked. Plus, it's a Joey dog.