Saturday, April 18, 2009

It's Still Raining so I am Here to Help...

It's still raining here in good ol' Boulder, CO...

As I am now an expert in passing time during rainy/snowy days, I have decided to share with you some of my wisdom...

(I'm kind of like Mother Teresa...)

And so, here are Ally B's Rainy Day Activities!

1) Read Ally B Speakin... so if you're already here, you're off to a great start... and you're pretty...

2) Watch the Lifetime Movie Network. Before you know it, it's Saturday...

3) Dance in the shower. Why "in the shower"? Because you probably haven't showered in a few days. Also, your house might be on the chilly side, and dancing in the warm water (as long as the warm water stays on) will help you out. Finally, dancing can cause you to sweat (if you're doing it right), so dancing in the shower allows you to do so without having to worry about sweating, because your cleaning as you dance. So grab your iPod stereo (or radio or tape deck or portable record player), place it in the bathroom, turn it on to your favorite song, and dance away... (Added bonus: if you pick a song that you like but your boyfriend doesn't it will get stuck in his head and he will sing it all morning... fun for you, annoying for him...)

4) Finish a book. Have you had a book sitting around that you have been meaning to finish for three weeks now? Tell yourself that you will not be getting out of your chair until that book is done. Sit down. Shut up. And read. And, again, you can't get up until it's done. Even if you have to pee. (Having to pee can actually help speed up your reading. You'll realize you have to pee but you'll only have 20 pages left, so you'll read those last 20 pages really really fast so that you can go pee. Before you know it, you're done! Of course, you probably won't remember what you read because the entire time you'll be thinking "have to pee, have to pee, 12 pages left, have to pee...") When you finish the book you'll have physical proof that you accomplished something during these rainy days... (You might also have a urinary tract infection... but at least you finished that damn book!)

5) Encourage your dogs to attack each other play together. Egg them on by pushing one into the other and then throwing toys in between the two of them so that they must fight for who gets the best toy... This may sound cruel, but I assure you, it's awesome. The dogs have been stuck in the house for awhile and they need to get some of their energy out. Also, you get to use your funny voices by exercising your sports commentator skillz:

"Thank you for joining us today on this beautiful rainy day... in one corner we have Bonnie "The DESTROYER" McWiggles and in the other corner we have Hannah "BONECRUSHER" McWrinkles. Bonnie is playing it cool, acting like she doesn't care. Uh-oh, Hannah is taking a major risk here, going in with a swipe of the paw to Bonnie's face... Bonnie is ignorin- OH! Bonnie just pounced on Hannah and is now going for the rope toy! But Hannah is there with a mighty roar! This match is still wide open!..."
You get the picture... especially since I do it in a British accent (that sort of sounds Jamaican). (I was going to post a video, but my camera is broken... I would blame Mike, but I think that the dogs are sick of being exploited on the internets, so they took matters into their own paws...) I want you to know that know dogs were hurt while entertaining me... Round one is over (it was a tie) and they are now curled up together on the floor... no doubt planning their next attack strategies.

6) Hide crackers around the house and then have the dogs find them. This is an excellent way for them to carbo-load for their next match.

7) Try a new hair-do. I curled my hair (not on purpose... it was wet when I sat down to finish my book and since I wasn't allowed to get up to brush it it ended up curly... well, half of it did... my hair is weird like that...) so I tried many different hairstyles. My favorite was when I put it all into a high ponytail and walked around so that the curly ponytail bounced and I felt like a cheerleader... which leads me to my next tip:

8) Make up cheers. "Give me a "R"! Give me an "A"! Give me an "I"! Give me a "N"! What does that spell? RAIN!! It's RAINING!! And I am B-O-R-E-D!! BORED!! Mike! Pay attention to M-E! ME!!"... it's just a little something I'm working on... it's much better than my first cheer where I spelled out some choice phrases that reflected how I felt about this damn rain... I'll spare you, though...

9) Get a hair stuck to the roof of your mouth... the further back you get it, the more time it will take you to remove it. This is a fun little game to play anytime because when you think you finally got it... you feel it back there again... tricky little bastard... but man does it pass the time!

10) And finally, if you just can't stand the rain and cold anymore: check the weather. It's supposed to be in the 60s and 70s next week... thanks, Colorado.

So there you have it! I should also point out that you can do any and all of these activities with or without the rain... so if it's sunny where you are, please do not hesitate to try one of these AWESOME suggestions!

And please share yours, too...

(PS: All of these become exponentially more fun with alcohol... though you all probably could have guessed that.)

(PPS: But no alcohol for the dogs... that's not cool... you can be drunk, but they can't... it's just a good rule of thumb...)

(PPPS: You're welcome...)

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