Tuesday, April 14, 2009

There's a Lack of Duct Tape in the House

When Mike and I moved in together we became the proud parents of two adorable puppies.

Bonnie and Hannah on their first day
They were friends from the beginning!

Was taking care of two brand new puppies difficult? Sometimes.

(Especially the potty training times.)

But would we go back and change it? Hell no.

With the two puppies came a new place and some new furniture... including my parent's old leather couch.

There was a tiny rip in one of the cushions (the product of other puppies from our family's past), but otherwise it was perfect.

And, apparently, perfectly delicious.

(For a more detailed description of the destruction of said couch, please read my first ever post on this here blog.)

We did our best to make the couch as disgusting as possible, but those puppies are persistent (and they eat dead animal and poop... so "disgusting" is a relative term), so our couch eventually turned into this:

The last of the duct tape couch...
We are classy...

On Saturday, it went to the dump. And even though I love our new couch... it was hard to say "so long" to our duct tape couch.

Sure, there were pieces of fluff and foam flowing freely from the cushions.

Yes, we have black sticky marks all over our clothes from sitting down to watch TV.

And yeah, one of the cushions (aka: the center one in the above picture) was so badly torn apart that it no longer actually fit into the couch, so it would slowly slope off of the frame to the floor about 13 times a day...

But it was OUR couch.

Our FIRST couch.

It was destroyed by OUR FIRST puppies...

So it was a little sad to see it loaded into a truck and taken to the dump.

(I tried to help get it into the truck, but ended up rolling a section of it into the tree in our front yard... so I was asked to just go inside... it's the effort that counts...)

(I feel the need to point out that Mike wanted to chop the couch up with a machete and then put a little bit of the debris into the trashcan every week until it was all gone... When I asked him where we would keep the couch during this whole process he said "the living room... duh" to which I said "not gonna happen... duh." I know relationships are about compromise... but no.)

Goodbye to our duct tape couch... you were a good couch for us... and we hope you realize that you are more at home in the dump than you were in our living room...

I will miss you duct tape couch
I had to get one last snuggle in before it left...

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