Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fit or Fail: First Edition

Lots of blogs have certain posts that are featured on a regular basis.

Badger Meets World has Song Lyric Saturday.

The Mom Chronicles has the Thursday Ten.

But the one that I am blatantly stealing graciously adapting is the Work it out Weekends series from Your Wishcake.

(She totally said it was okay in this post because she is officially the sweetest thing in the world. So don't call me a thief... I'm just not creative so I have to borrow my blog material from more talented bloggers.)

(You should read her blog... because I'm a very smart person who has never done you wrong.)

(Unless you're a hippie jam band neighbor of mine... in which case, you should just leave... now.)

Anywho, Work it out Weekends was my inspiration for this series that I am starting now, aptly titled Fit or Fail. In this series, I will be evaluating all of my fitness goals each week.

I am trying (desperately) to get into shape.

I'm unhealthy, and I'm extremely unhappy about it.

(Plus (I'm not gonna lie) I want to look "pretty". I know that people say I'm pretty, but I want to look pretty to ME too, which is not the case right now.)

So, I've made a deal with myself to change. I'm eating better (mostly), and have made it a goal of mine to workout at least three times a week (for now).

Each week I will write a post under the Fit or Fail title that will include any observations that I have had plus a list with certain things that I did during the week that were Fit and others that were Fail.

(I was going to call it Heaven or Hell and then list all of the things that were going to get me into heaven and all of the things that were going to send me to hell.)

(But it was stupid...)

(Because I'm not going to heaven. No amount of exercise will change that...)

I figure that by posting it on these here internets, I make myself accountable to everyone, not just me.

(I mean, if Tuesday I decide to eat a gallon of ice cream, then I remember that I will have to tell you all about it over the weekend... well, that's somewhat of a deterrent.)

(Or, I'll just lie.)

(But I'll try to avoid that.)

(See? Hell...)

Okay. Ladies and gentlemen: the first edition of my Fit or Fail List...

FIT: I worked out three times (twice in the gym, once on the Wii Fit)

FIT: I lifted weights... it was horrible. See here for more. (BTW, feeling better, but shaking my fist at hippie jam bands is still a challenge.)

FAIL: Ate a lot of the birthday cake that my mom made.

FIT: Threw out the last third of the cake.

FIT: Didn't try to take the cake out of the trash... (not that I would do that... I think... but I still feel that I deserve a FIT for it...)

FAIL: Girl scout cookies. Enough said.

FIT: Walked the dogs three times. (That may not be a huge workout, but YOU try holding an Aussie Shepard back from the many evils of the neighborhood (at least the ones that she perceives... like that border collie three blocks down... or that bicycle...or that leaf...) and then you tell me if your arms don't feel a tad stronger.)

FAIL: I ate a lot of guacamole. I know that avocados are good for you and all... but not the amount I ate... and not with that many tortilla chips...

Well... that's all I can think of... but I'll update if I think of anything else.

Hey! Look at that... there really aren't that many FAILs this week! WooHoo!

Here are my goals for the upcoming week:

  • Work out three times
  • Work out with weights, even if it makes me want to crawl in a hole with a hippie jam band and die
  • Do something active on the days I don't work out (like walk the dogs)
  • Drink at least one water bottle full of water (not chocolate milkshake or margarita) everyday
  • Eat smaller portions more often
  • Keep better track of my FIT and FAILs because this list is kinda lame-o
See! Now I'm accountable to you all!

(I also accept rewards if I meet my goals... although I would say ice cream is an excellent reward, it seems a tad counter-productive... so I will accept cash and pretty things...)

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