Wednesday, July 22, 2009

To BlogHer and Back

I thought that I'd give everyone fair warning that I'm headed to Chicago tomorrow to attend a huge blogging conference.

So if I post about something scary in Chicago or something funny in Chicago or something that's neither scary nor funny but more about how I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR in Chicago... that's why.

You can follow my tweets of the event here.

Or here.

And I'll be posting some stuff over here.

And maybe here, too...

But those posts that are panic-induced and/or alcohol related? Well, I promise to post those pieces of shit awesomeness right here.

Overall... I'm nervous about going to Chicago. I mean, excited, yes, but the buildup is a tad nerve racking...

And if I was positive that Bonnie and Hannah wouldn't go all "Old Yeller with rabbis" on some child, I would totally bring them and pretend that they were service dogs...

Or my personal bodyguards hired by some government agency to protect me...

Or search and rescue (if what you needed rescued were socks and/or tennis balls).

But I don't think that's going to work... which kinda sucks... because I already had fake "service dog" t-shirts made for them... and gave them code names.

It looks like Hannah, aka "The Destroyer", and Bonnie, aka "Joan", will have to stay home.


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