Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Walk Tease

The dogs assaulted me with non-stop sad and pathetic eyes today, causing me to feel guilty about not taking them out in awhile.

(It was rainy and I have a cold, but do they care about that? Not so much.)

So I lassoed them up and set out towards the great yonder (aka, CU Boulder).

Then a very sexy man on a bike rode by and I screamed out "hey hot stuff" and he stopped and I realized it was MY sexy man (thank goodness) and so he came over to say "hi".

And the dogs? Were NOT happy to see him. They finally get out of the house and I stop to talk to their father... who we see ALL THE TIME! They looked at me like I was torturing their very souls by wasting valuable walking time with this NONSENSE.

(Even though we had important things to discuss... like how he just finished a very long bike ride (show-off) and how I needed to paint my toenails... see, important.)

But then he left and the dogs were more than ready to continue our very exciting journey which included wet grass to roll in (woohoo), goose poop to eat (of course), and we even got to see two squirrels getting it on.

(Don't worry... I averted their eyes... they're not even four years old...)

(Hannah wanted to chase the fornicating creatures and I informed her that FOUR Americans die of rabies every year and I'll be damned if she's one of them.)

(Then a guy jogging by looked at me weird for watching squirrel sex and talking to my dog.)

So over all, Spring has sprung.

And the dogs are now happy.

Even though Bonnie tried to trip me while we crossed the street.

(Damn dog.)

I tell myself that it was an accident.

(In other news I got a haircut that I hate and it's making me so depressed that even squirrel sex can't make me feel better.)

(That sounded sad... and like I usually enjoy squirrel sex... which I don't.)

(Really... I'm not some squirrel loving freak...)


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