Friday, March 13, 2009

Super Ally! Now Sold with a Stick!

I found this link on Badger Meets World where you can make yourself into a superhero...

Did that register?


And you should know how much I love superheros...

So I promptly went over there I made SUPER ALLY!!

I know... I am H-O-T-T.

Except I totally cheated. I am SO not that skinny (they don't even give you an OPTION for a slightly chubby superhero... not fair).

And my boobs don't look like that (can't decide if that's a good or bad thing... at first glance they're pretty cool... but after staring at them multiple times, they're a little alien-like... and I doubt they're real...).

But I do tend to scowl and my posture is pretty terrible. So it's not ALL lies.


Part of the process is that you can pick your super weapon of choice... and I got a STICK!!

Sure, I could have picked the gun or something OBVIOUS, but a big stick is more my style. I mean... would you ever suspect that pretty little thing with the stick to be able to KICK YOUR ASS?

The stick is totally unassuming, and therefore TOTALLY LETHAL.

Now, I didn't come up with the name (the site generates that), but it is SO HELPFUL because without the name "Baroness Von Splintery Stick" I would have totally forgotten that I could GIVE MY ENEMIES SPLINTERS...

I got a splinter a few days ago and I was totally USELESS for at least an hour (wimp)... imagine if a really mean and powerful VILLAIN got a splinter... we could totally TAKE HIM/HER DOWN and THWART all of his/her EVIL PLANS!!

So, all in all, you do NOT want to be on MY shit list...

PS: If you go make your own superhero, send it to me (allyb at allybspeakin dot com) or post it on your own blog and let me know... I'd love to see it.

PPS: What would YOUR super weapon of choice be? Comment and let me know.

PPPS: I was told that some people don't know how to comment... so read this.

PPPPS: I want a cape... like... badly...

PPPPPS: Thinking about it, if I had a choice for ANY super weapon, it wouldn't be a stick. It would TOTALLY be a puppy... A villain would be all "oh what a cute puppy!" and I'd be all "yeah... well check out these KILLER RAZOR PUPPY TEETH!" and I'd throw the puppy at the villain and I would totally WIN!

PPPPPPS: No puppies were harmed in the writing of this post.

PPPPPPPS: I would never ACTUALLY throw a puppy... but it's still an awesome idea.

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