Monday, February 16, 2009

A Well Balanced Meal

This morning I didn't want to move... at all.

I wanted to curl up in bed, close my eyes, and just sleep.

Just for a little longer.

But then Mike started yelling about how he left a whole bunch of hot sauce packets from Taco Bell on the table and now only a few are left and who did I think had taken them?


(And I would like to point out that it is a testament to my patience (slash sleepiness) that I didn't point out that it was pretty dumb to leave hot sauce packets on the coffee table... just saying...)

And then Mike came in and was talking about what internet server company he should use and how much it will cost and asking me for advice on something that I have no idea about.

(Seriously, he knows that I'm really only good for Friends trivia and snarky comments about... well, anything.)

(I think he really just needed someone to talk to... and I have to say it's nice to still be that person... even if I have to talk about the pros and cons of different internet servers...)

So, needless to say, I decided that more sleep just wasn't going to happen.

(Though I did manage to play a full game of Tetris on my phone before tearing myself out of the bed... so some laziness accomplished.)

Anyway, when I get up, I always have a tough time with breakfast food.

When I was younger, I HATED breakfast.

(It may or may not have had something to do with the fact that I was always SO nervous about going to school that I was nauseous every morning and the idea of any food made it worse... or I was just picky...)

But as I've matured (slash became less neurotic... kinda) I've discovered that breakfast food is awesome.

And anything with hollandaise sauce is Brad's gift to humanity.

But I don't have a stash of hollandaise sauce around the house. And anyway, it doesn't really go well with oatmeal or Cheerios... so I prefer eating breakfast out.

But I can't do that everyday (sad).

So... it takes awhile for me to figure out if anything is appetizing in the morning here at home.

So I spend the first hour or so of my day catching up on my favorite blogs and twitters and such.

This morning Mike was testing his new email addresses through his new server (which one did he decide on? no idea), and he asked me to send him some test emails.

Test email one:

You make me smile... I want to eat the rest of my box of Valentine's Day chocolates for breakfast.

(Don't judge me... if it was in a muffin or pancakes or a croissant, nobody would mind if I were eating chocolate for breakfast. And without the carbs, I'm really being MORE health conscious.)

Mike's response (verbally... we're not total dorks that we sit right next to each other emailing one another... though Mike has discovered that you can send text messages from Gmail... so that's been interesting...):

Although you are very cute... no, you cannot have the rest of your Valentine's candy for breakfast.

Test email two:

Seriously? Can I at least have the chocolate rose?

Mike's response:

Ugh... yes. Eat the flower, you weirdo...

Test email three:

Thank you for my flower. It is delicious and lovely and makes me happy.

(It really was good... it was one of those fake roses that is a hollow piece of milk chocolate... hells yes.)

Mike's response:

You're welcome... now let me have a piece.

So, all in all, I found an excellent breakfast... and now I must go work out...


PS: I sent one more test email:

Final test email:

Dear Daddy,

Can we go for a w-a-l-k with you today? We love you.


McWiggles (Bonnie) and McWrinkles (Hannah)

It worked, too, because he took the dogs to Grandma and Grandpa's and I'm now able to do the Wii Fit without the two of them jumping on me and trying to steal the Wii Remote while I'm doing the Tree Pose.

(Ooh... click on that link to the Yoga website... the cartoon really creeps me out. Not sure why, but he does.)

(Notice how I'm NOT on the Wii Fit, and am instead writing (rambling) about chocolate for breakfast in an effort to brag about how cute Mike and I are..?)

(Procrastination: it's an art.)

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