Monday, January 5, 2009

Jealousy is Best Served Cold and Windy

First things first: Zeus didn't listen to me. It's still effin windy and cold and it sucks. Bonnie is so depressed that we aren't going out that I had to leave the house to escape the sad eyes.

And so, I am forced to accept that Zeus does not exist, either. Why else would someone not listen to my pleas?

And so, I will readdress my letter to someone who I know is real, and a deity.

So, Brad Pitt, can you please just read this letter, and work on getting the wind to go away.

I have faith in you.

OK, now that that's out of the way, I must tell you all that I am super-duper jealous.

(Is it just me, or has my jealousy been a recurring theme here since oh-nine?)

(Well, this jealousy is TOTALLY well founded.)

My father is going on a trip with National Geographic where he will visit ALL seven continents!!

(See, now we can ALL be jealous together.)

He gets to go with these big National Geographic hot-shots, and I am really wishing that he was at the age when he needed me to come along as his care-taker.

(OK, I'm actually really glad that he's not at that age, but I'd like to go, regardless.)

Here was his email telling us:

A brief note to let you all know that I was accepted to go on an around the world trip on the 22nd of this month with National Geographic! I'll be visiting all 7 continents of the world with 3 well known experts in various fields. I'll be gone for about a month. I've got a lot to do before I go but wanted to let you all know. Love you.

(My father just exudes excitement, even when he types...)

This was my response:

Holy hell!! That is SO COOL!!

(Mike is yelling at me that you need to get a telephoto lens, preferably the 70 to 300, so that you can take pictures of lions iris'... if you do not get one Mike is not letting you go.)

I am SOSOSSOSOSOSOSOSOSO jealous!!! You get to go to Africa!!! And Antarctica!!! And Asia... and back to Australia... wow that's a lot of "A" continents... I guess I'm partial to that letter....


I shall blog about this now...

I love you and am very proud of you for doing this.

(Now THAT'S excitement!)

(Mike really was yelling at me about the lens. He's so damn pushy.)

(Soon after this I realized that BOTH of my parents would be out of the country at the same time. So I called my dad and he told me that it didn't matter. "But what if I get a bite!?!" (I have a history of getting weird bites and then calling and crying to my parents.) "Email me," he said. "Well, god bless technology.")

(I should have said "Brad bless technology".)

And so I started to think about where I would like to go. I mean sure, I'd love to go to all seven continents (though, given my aversion to windy cold weather, Antarctica may be full of my shrill complaining... but it'd be worth it), but not all of us get to do that.

So, where would I put my priority?


I have wanted to go to Africa since I was in elementary school and wanted to be a vet for big cats. I was OBSESSED with big cats. My room was all leopard and tiger print (not in a slutty way, though... I was ten), and I had every big cat stuffed animal available in the Denver Metro area.

(Note: my love was of BIG cats (lions, tigers, cheetahs)... not over sized domestic cats... I didn't like house cats, even then... but don't let a house cat read that... they may come after me.)

So I wanted to go to Africa to steal a cheetah to take home who I could hang out with.

(Sort of like Jasmine with Raja... a girl can dream.)

And even though my love for big cats isn't what it used to be (I still find them fascinating... but I've got my hands full with an over-active Aussie Shepard), I still want to go to Africa. I still want to go on a safari and I still want to see all of those amazing animals in the wild.

So Dad, you better get that telephoto that Mike said, because you have to take awesome pictures of those animals to hold me over until I'm retired and traveling the world myself.

Brad speed, Daddy... Brad speed.

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