Monday, January 19, 2009


Dear President Obama (I know that you are technically not the President yet, per se, but it's less than 24 hours until it's "official", so let's just get it over with already),

First of all, congratulations on the whole president thing. I'm very happy and looking foreword to the next four (eight!) years.

I hope you are excited to move into the White House, and I really hope that you are able to get the republican smell out of the curtains.

I sure hope President Bush didn't think it would be funny to pull some sort of prank, like leaving a fake rubber rat under your pillow, because that would be mean.

So I was thinking about you and your exciting future and I remembered that you'll be getting a dog soon. And then I started thinking about what you should name the dog and I came up with the PERFECT name for your new best friend.

Why not name the dog "George Dubyah"?

Think about how awesome it would be!

"Oh man! George Dubyah pooped in the Oval Office again!"

"Stop humping my leg, George Dubyah."

"Oh crap... George Dubyah bit the Secretary of Defense again."

And it would be even better if it's a girl.

"Oh, what a good boy your dog is!"
"Nope, George Dubyah's a girl! George Dubyah's a girl!"

Well, it's just an idea. Take it or leave it.


Ally B

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