Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Bone to Pick

The following is a transcript of a conversation-via-blog-comments that Mark, Mike, and myself had the other day:

Ally B: Thanks for letting me hang out with you guys tonight... not that you had a choice in the matter... but thanks anyway.

Mark: Well thanks for coming over. You guys left at the right time, I was fading fast and trying my best to not make an ass out of myself.

Mike: You could have asked us to leave, you know.... It IS your house.

Mark: No, it's Lacey's [the dog] house remember?
Gordon is the dashing Doctor (Jack)
I am the big dumb idiot (Hurley) OR the eye candy (Claire)
you are an extra
...not sure what Ally is...the black smoke monster?
Lacey is the leader.


So, if you didn't know (loser), Mark was referring to characters on the TV show LOST.

Now, Mark... how did I end up the damn smoke monster?!?!?

There are, like, twelve billion characters on that show and I am the FAKE cloud of smoke that goes around the island whispering at people!

I don't even get to be a human? At least Mike is an extra... that's a HUMAN.

Well, you know what?

I've decided that I'm Sawyer. That way I get to make fun of all of you, shoot stuff, drink, and not have to wear a shirt.

And if we were on HBO, you know I'd be the one to cuss you suckers out every chance I got.


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