Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fit or Fail: Vegas Edition

FIT: Everything in Vegas is FARRRRRRRRRRRRR. Really, really far. Like miles and miles away. And when you're two young people with limited resources? You refuse to take cabs. And even if you give in and take the monorail on the last day because your blisters are really bad and you pulled both of your calves, it takes HALF AN HOUR to walk through the MGM to get to the ENTRANCE of the monorail... So, yeah, we walked A LOT.

FAIL: Dessert... frozen hot chocolates... milkshakes... chocolate ganache between two glazed donuts so it looks like a burger... totally worth it, though.

FIT: Um... I'll have to think about that.

FAIL: Frozen alcoholic drinks from slushy machines served in oversized souvenier cups... probably not the healthiest, but pretty damn awesome.

FIT: Over-priced stuck up restaurants that serve TINY portions so you don't have a lot to eat.

FAIL: Eating too much meat.

FIT: Sitting at the slot machine for a long time because pushing that button over and over again is TOTALLY a workout...

Now we're back and I'm getting on track. I'm watching what I eat and exercising again.

But I really miss the dessert.

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