Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Note to self:

When the laundry begins to actually jump out of the hamper (I'm finding clothes on the other side of the room... and the dogs SWEAR it wasn't them...) it just might be time to suck it up and do the laundry.

Otherwise you'll end up having to consider re-wearing dirty socks, and then the gravity of the situation will sink in.

Note to self:

The same goes for the dirty dishes in the sink... without the dirty socks revelation.

Note to self:

Hannah is TERRIFIED of toddlers on Big Wheel bikes.

If she sees one she will not walk within ten feet of it, she will attempt to walk between your legs (causing you to almost fall on said toddler and Big Wheel), and then she will continue to throw horrified puppy glances over her shoulder for at least two blocks, lest the evil creature sneaks up on her...

So, add "Toddlers on Big Wheels" to your Excel spreadsheet on all of the things your Golden Retriever is scared of... right after the noise the iron makes when it releases steam.

And, if at all possible, avoid such encounters in the future.

Note to self:

Cleaning in the spring is a complete WASTE OF TIME.

You will work very hard to sweep and vacuum and dust and as soon as you finish and are just starting to feel pretty proud of yourself a crazy Aussie Shepard named Bonnie will come inside and there will be mud EVERYWHERE.

(Seriously, people... I'm going to have to start charging guests for spa treatments when they come and sit on the couch...)

Note to self:

Don't wear cute clothes around the house for the same reason (this sort of explains the laundry situation...)

Trust me... you'll put on a really cute outfit and be all excited to go to your boyfriend's birthday party and then that same Aussie Shepard named Bonnie will come inside and decide that she must remind you just how adorable she is by SITTING ON YOUR CHEST.

And when you feel that slimy mud covering her paws and you scream for her to GET OFF she will think that your screaming is a demonstration of JOY and she will get excited and start trying to lick your ears.

And then you will also have to redo your makeup because you have a muddy nose print smudged under your right eye...

Note to self:

STOP leaving the house in your workout clothes with no makeup and dirty hair.

Before you know it you'll be standing in front of 100 people saying "Oh shit" and you'll suddenly say to yourself: "DAMMIT... I don't even have mascara on... and is that a muddy paw print on my yoga pants?"

Note to self:

Cherish the things that make you laugh and smile...

My thoughts are with some fellow bloggers, Heather and Mike, who lost their beautiful little girl, Maddie, yesterday.

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