Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sushi for Cinco de Mayo

So I figure that I get mad (and so does Mike) when people don't post on a regular basis, so I should do that more often... I've got people waiting for my pearls of wisdomness.

I am actually in a final. We have people presenting today. I was one of them, and I kicked ass. I pulled a shameless trick, though: I put a really cute picture of Bonnie and Hannah up so that everyone would "ooh" and "ahh" over them... because that makes me happy!
This was the picture:

I can practically hear the cooing over the DSL.

I did my project on The Little Mermaid (college graduate here!). I called it Sex and the Sea: A Feminist Analysis on The Little Mermaid: Past and Present. Yes... I'm smarter than you.

Last night Mike, AJ, Jeannie, Billy B, Diane and I all went to Hapas on The Hill. Good sushi... AJ knew the waiter... of course... and so we got a cool special roll for free... AJ could get anything, without even trying.

After dinner, Jeannie and I went to The Fox Theater to see Kate Nash. This guy, Rob Drabkin, was the opener and he was really cool. He did a bunch of covers including Nelly's "Ride Wit' Me" on his acoustic guitar. My favorite, though, was a cover he did of Aladdin's "A Whole New World"... the whole place sang along... it was awesome. He even did both parts (Aladdin and Jasmine). I told my Disney class before my presentation.

So Kate Nash was really cool. She's this little British girl who is not afraid to scream and yell and say "fuck you"... which I enjoy. She wailed on the piano and guitar! I've been to a lot of concerts, and most of them have to have oxygen and end up singing while sitting down by the end of the show. Kate when full force all the way through, and just slammed on her keyboard like there was not tomorrow. That was nice, because it's depressing to see people succumb to altitude, especially when I paid good money to see them rock out.

After the concert, Jeannie and I decided to find a treat. It was almost midnight, so Glacier and Dairy Queen were closed. Then we had to make the important decision that all young women must make at some point in their lives: McDonald's McFlurry or Wendy's Frosty?

I know... how would we decide...

Jeannie chose Wendy's, because they have a new Strawberry Frostys. It said that they were "hand whipped". Does that mean that some poor (let's face it) woman of color has to sit and hand whip all Frostys? Or, does it mean that a hand had to push a button on a whipping machine?

I'd bet on the latter.

So we went home and ate our treats. I didn't eat all of mine, so I still have some at home. If Mike eats it I'll kill him. Or make him buy me another one... a LARGE... that'll show him!

I had to stay up for awhile and work on my Power Point presentation for this class.

Then I went to sleep... because sleep is good.

I got up when Jeannie was about to leave... AT 6:30 AM. HELL WAS FROZEN... but then I finished my presentation and went back to sleep until 9:40, so Hell is thawing.

I had to leave at 10. And I had to shower. My hair looks gross.

I have one more final, and by final I mean brunch at my professors house in Boulder... quality education here.

One more tidbit: I've decided that Mike and I need pet names for each other. I don't like Pooh-Bear or Sweet Lips.

I chose Kevin.

I also chose Jennifer for me, but Mike didn't like it. He has yet to pick my name. Oh, Kevin.

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