Tuesday, May 13, 2008

School's out For...ever

I went to see Grandma today with Dad and Mel. That was fun. My grandma is so funny, and the typical grandma. Not the kind that bakes cookies and pinches cheeks, but the kind that says things that make your jaw drop and laugh out load.

She made a list of all of the people she would give money to if, no WHEN, she wins the lottery.

She also wants to have a mock funeral, with her sitting in the back so nobody sees her, so she can see who comes and hear what they say... We said that at the end she could pop out of the coffin and scream SURPRISE!!! Then we could laugh and have a glass of boxed White Zinfandel.

We ordered Chinese food. There is something about Chinese food that keeps me from abiding by the rules of portion control. I just can't help but eat half my body weight in China's finest. I must admit, of all meat, I miss Sesame Chicken more than most.

ME: I don't eat meat.
GRANDMA: Well, eat this Sesame Chicken... it's good.
ME: I know it's good, but it's not the taste that makes me a vegetarian.
GRANDMA: But it's good....

Silly Grandma.

I haven't had a good nights sleep in quite a few days. Between the craziness of graduation and family and having to get up early for work, I have not been able to get enough rest. Saturday night I could not sleep. It was weird. I usually don't have a lot of trouble getting to sleep, but that night could not turn off my brain. I also had really bad heart burn, which makes my chest feel like it is simultaneously on fire and freezing. So I did what any recent graduate would do... I watched half a season of Sex and the City DVDs. And ate cookies, because I assume that marshmallow and chocolate graham cracker cookies are the perfect antidote for heart burn.

They're not.

I ended up staying awake until four am. Since then, I have not really caught up. So last night I decided to go to be early. So I sat down with my book at 9:45 and planned on reading until I fell asleep. Well, I ended up reading the rest of the god damn book. Needless to say, I was up late, again. Then I was so upset by the ending, that I sat awake for another 45 minutes contemplating if it really had to end that way, or if the author just hates me (because it's all about me).

I'm now starting The Host by my hero, Stephanie Meyer. OK, she's not really my hero, but The Twilight Saga are some of my most favorite books of all time. I started The Host tonight, but knowing that I'll probably become addicted, I've decided to put it down before I become too engrossed and end up reading all 700 pages tonight.

So instead, I'm rambling here. Apparently I just cannot go to bed at a reasonable time. DAMN SELF-DESTRUCTION!!

It is nice to be out of school and able to read what I want.

I keep thinking that I should be doing homework. Then I think, But it's summer. Then I realize it's not just summer... this is the rest of my life. Work, then whatever, then work...

But I'll still enjoy the fact that it is summer.

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