Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My House is a Swimming Pool

In my mind, I am totally already on vacation. I am going to Vegas on Thursday, and cannot wait at all.

I am going to party it up at The Palms (and I don't have to pay the cover, and I get to skip the lines!)... and see Dane Cook at Caesars... and not be on a diet... woohoo!

Since I'll be gone all weekend, I decided to go have dinner at the cafe tonight, so that I could see Mike. I ate too fast, so I decided to do some walking for awhile to move some of the trout and mashed potatoes around.

I walked right into a lovely little store with lovely little clothes at lovely reasonable prices. How lovely.

I was the only customer in the store, and decided to try on, oh, about a billion (20) outfits that seemed Vegas-rific.

I ended up buying three things. It sucks. Usually when I buy something cute, I call Mom. But she is cruising the Mediterranean Sea right now... so that doesn't work too well.

When I got home I set up the sprinkler (hear that Dad! I'm watering the lawn!). Our lawn is a weird shape, so I have to turn the sprinkler on all the way to reach all of the thirsty grass.

Well, that means that I also end up watering the house, too. So when I walked in, the entire front part of my house - the inside - was wet... including the dogs.

At least my house it hydrated.

My foot is also covered in freaking mud! I just went out to turn off the sprinkler, and slipped in a huge pile of mud. See, my thirsty lawn is mostly thirsty piles of dirt...

I hate having to wash my shoes in the sink.

While I was walking the dogs, we took a detour to THE ROCK OF GOD!!! It was lit up all pretty like heaven was shining on it...

So Bonnie scaled it... and then did a face flop right into the ground. She tried to play it off all cool, like she meant to do it, by rolling around a little before getting up. Poor pumpkin.

THE ROCK OF GOD smoted (pass tense of smite) her.

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