Sunday, April 20, 2008

Doggies at my Feet / Dog-Doggies in my Bed

So I just finished my paper! Who-Rah.
I ate all of my gummy bears, so I no longer have them trapped in the freezer screaming at me. They are now happy in my tummy.
I like the way that the dogs lie at my feet while I'm typing. They don't do that for Mike as much. I think it's a mom thing. It happens every morning, too. When Mike gets up, the girls follow him and get fed, and then they come back to bed with me. If I get up first, they come get fed, and then stay in the living room or bathroom with me. Of course I was trying to sleep in this morning, and Bonnie decided to tell the whole neighborhood that she was miserable, so she barked and barked until I had to get up to make sure that there was no creepy guy peeing in our front yard (I don't know why... but there have been men urinating in our yard before, and I assume Bonnie would bark hysterically at that...). Of course, there was nothing there, and Bonnie was oh-so-happy that mom was up, so I just got up. Stupid dog luring me out of my cave...
I helped my mom and dad pack up the basement today. They are trying (again) to sell the house. I boxed up all of my old Disney VHS tapes to keep, and let all of my NSYNC and Spice Girl tapes go in the garage sale box (if you're interested, I'll cut you a deal!). Of course, VHS is almost completely obsolete, and will certainly be so when I have kids, but Mom and Dad insist I keep them. So now my children will have to watch these movies on an old VCR that Mom will have saved for all of these years rather than being able to watch the new, clearer, enhanced DVDs that are being re-released. They will either be harassed on the playground for their weird technology, or will be seen as retro and cool... only time will tell.
It wasn't very fair that I had to go clean all of my brother's crap out of the closets. I thought that he was probably at work, but then I realized that it's 4/20, and he's probably... not at work...
Oh well, the dogs got to play and eat dead animals (they found several mice... I didn't just feed them dead animals), and now they are exhausted at their mama's feet... That makes it worth it.
Maybe I'll break out the Mary Poppins VHS for a real crazy night...

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