Tuesday, April 29, 2008

No Motivation

I have 14 minutes before my last class of the day starts. I have to go, because this is the last session before finals, but I don't want to. I have discovered that I have ZERO motivation to finish out my last week of classes or my last finals of college.
It helps that one of my professors is allowing me (well... anyone who takes his class pass/fail... I don't get special treatment or anything) to blow off the final. YIPPEEEEE! Thank god, because that would have meant that I had to read about 350 pages this week. Now I can focus on procrastinating my other work.
I am starting to freak out about graduating, though. I've decided to make up answers when I get asked the million dollar question: What are you doing after graduation?
Yesterday my answer was firefighter. Over the weekend I said that I was going to be a madam in a feminist brothel... the possibilities are endless. I think I might start a pool and keep track of how many times I am asked that question in the next month. Big money could be made.
Well... I have 8 minutes left.
We watched the Nuggets game last night with Mike's cousin Billy. Diane joined us later. I was fascinated by this one guy whose facial hair made one continuous line around his face. It obviously took impeccable precision and steady grooming hands... it's the little things in the world of sports that tickle me.
Maybe that will be my answer today: Basketball player facial artist.
If only it were true...
Shit! I'm late for class...

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